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At present both the reservoir pressure and wellhead pressure at various fields of the Company is declining at a certain rate. Under the circumstances, installation of gas compressors will be required with the existing processing facilities within 2/3 years to continue gas production by raising pressure at the level of national gas grid. Since 2007 gas production from Bakhrabad field has been kept continuing by raising pressure with Booster Compressor on rental basis. A project has been taken for installation of Gas Compressor on procurement basis at Titas & Narsingdi Field to continue gas production with the financial assistance of JICA. Besides, another project for replacement of the existing rented Booster Compressor at BKB field by procuring new sets is initiated with GDF finance. It has become necessary to address excess water production with declining reservoir pressure for draining environment-friendly manner.


It is difficult to continue operational activities and ongoing projects smoothly with the existing manpower of the Company. On the other hand, Company's routine operational works and a number of new locations have increased for implementing development activities/projects to cope with the country's present gas demand. At the moment more 7/8 projects are under implementation. Therefore, recruitment of manpower is necessary to undertake on priority basis for smooth functioning of company activities.


The company is not financially strong enough to meet up the most costly compressor installation & operational expenditure to continue gas production in line with transmission line pressure. Such compressor installation projects will have to be financed either by donor agencies or by other sources. Presently, the Company has to make payments against loan provided by the donor agencies for various implemented and the ongoing projects. In the circumstances, to bear the payment of loan for such expensive compressor installation project wellhead margin needs to be increased on the basis of cost analysis. At the same time, proper training and technology are required to build skilled manpower for carrying out of theses activities. Already various initiatives have been taken in this regard.


It is to be mentioned here that the Company has a program to drill 4 new wells at the eastern side of the river Titas to meet up gas demand of the country. A bridge over the river Titas including necessary infrastructures will be require to be constructed for implementation of this program.


Upon implementation of the above programs and activities, it is expected that the company will be self-reliant and financially solvent in terms of economical, technical & technological development as a whole.

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