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Bakhrabad gas field lies in the Muradnagar upazila under Comilla district some 40 km away to the east from capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka. Like Titas & Habiganj fields Bakhrabad gas field was discovered by Pakistan Shell Oil Co. Ltd. in 1969. The Bakhrabad anticline, as defined by seismic, is a narrow, elongate almost symmetrical fold about 69 km long upto 10 km wide. Total recoverable gas reserves of this field re-estimated by Petrobangla is 1,387.00 billion cubic feet (BCF). Commercial gas production from this field was started in 1984 and till June 30, 2017 total 796.580 billion cubic feet or 57.43% percent of reserves has been recovered.

Total 10 (ten) wells have been drilled at 3 (three) nearby locations. Of these wells, 02(two) wells are vertical while remaining 07(seven) wells are of deviated type. After completion of all wells, maximum 210 million cubic feet of gas was produced daily from all wells of this field in 1992. In June 2017, average 34.948 million cubic feet of gas is produced daily from 6 producing wells of this field while production from other 4 wells remain suspended due to water loading in the production string. Produced gas is processed in 4 nos. Solid Desicant Silicagel type gas process plants and supplied to the Bakhrabad-Demra Transmission Pipe line of Gas Transmission Company Limited (GTCL). About 13.267 bbls condensate is produced daily with gas as by-product. In June 2017, condensate/gas ratio and water/gas ratio of this field are 0.379 and 2.632 bbl/million cubic feet respectively. Condensate produced at Bakhrabad & Meghna gas field of BGFCL and condensate from Salda, Semutung & Fenchuganj gas field of BAPEX and Bangura gas field of TULLOW are fractionated into MS (Petrol) and HSD (Diesel) in the fractionation plant of this field. The products are being sold to Meghna Petroleum Ltd. & Padma Oil Company Ltd.

With a view to increase the sales line pressure of Bakhrabad gas field, BGFCL and Kwangshin Machines Industry, Korea are jointly operating & maintaining Gas Booster compressors at Bakhrabad gas field.

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