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Titas gas field is located some 100 Km away to the direction of northern-east from capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka. It lies at the skirt of the Brahmanbaria district town. This field was discovered by Pakistan Shell Oil Company in 1962. The structure is an elongate north-south asymmetrical anticline measuring about 19x10 square km with a vertical closure of 500m. As per latest Petrobangla re-estimation, total recoverable gas reserve of  Titas gas field is 7,582 billion cubic feet (BCF).  Commercial gas production from this field was commenced in 1968  and till March 31,  2017 total 4315.452  billion cubic feet gas or 56.92%  of reserves has been recovered.


Out of total 27 (twenty seven) nos. gas wells drilled so far in this field 10 (ten) are vertical wells and the remaining 18 (eighteen) are directional wells. The wells are spread (surface location) at 7 (seven) different locations stretched over about 11 km distance.  In March 2017, average 546.114  million cubic feet of gas is produced daily from 26 wells of this field and processed through 10 nos. glycol dehydration type, 4 nos. Low Temperature Separation (LTS) type and 2 nos. LTS with glycol dehydration type process plants and  supplied to the transmission pipelines of  Titas Gas Transmission & Distribution Co. Ltd. (TGTDCL) and Gas Transmission Company Ltd. (GTCL). About 426.096 bbls condensate is produced daily with gas as by-product. In March  2017, average condensate/gas ratio of this field is 0.780 bbls/million cubic feet and water/gas ratio is 0.800 bbl/million cubic feet (excluding well no Titas 12, 13, 21 & 22). Titas well no.3 was Plugged & Abandoned by snubbing operation on 25.02.2008 to prevent gas seepage from nearby locality.

Condensate produced from Titas gas field (about 426.096  bbls per day), Narsingdi gas field (about 46.54  bbls per day) & Habiganj gas field (about 10.42 bbls per day) of BGFCL and about 100 bbls heavy condensate from Beanibazar gas field of SGFL are fractionated into MS (Petrol) and HSD (Diesel) through two fractionation plants at this field having plant capacity of 500 bbls each. The products are being sold to Padma Oil Company Ltd.

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